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Wood iPhone Cases FAQ

What are your wood iPhone cases made out of?

Our iPhone cases are made from real wood, sanded and sliced to 1/32" then joined with a 3M adhesive backing to create a smooth and natural cover for your iPhone 5 or 5S

How do I put it on my phone?

We provide a kit that includes everything you need to wrap your phone in birch, bamboo, teak, red oak, mahogany, walnut or zebrawood. The kit comes with a front panel, back panel, side strip and buttons which you put on your phone to give it an organic look and feel.

Wrapping your phone can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Turn your iPhone screen on and remove the backing to front panel, exposing the adhesive...
  2. Using the screen as a guide, place the front panel on your iPhone leaving an even border around your screen. The panel should overhang the edges of the phone on all sides by a tiny amount...
  3. Remove the backing from the back panel and place on the back of your phone leaving a small overhang evenly on all edges, the holes for the camera, flash and microphone should match up without issue...
  4. Take the backing off the side/bumper strip and begin wrapping the side of your phone, starting at the SIM card. Go slowly and use your fingers as a guide to place the strip evenly on the front and back panels, it should bridge the two and create a seamless wood iPhone case...
  5. Once the major panels are in place proceed with placing your matching laser-etched Home, Volume, Power and SIM buttons.
  6. That's it, Enjoy!

How long will this stay on my iPhone 5/S? Will it fall off?

Our wood iPhone 5 wraps use high quality adhesive which allows them to stay firmly in place as long as you'd like. Once properly placed, all panels and buttons will stay on your device until removed.

What is the reason for the clasp?

We offer 5 different clasps (Crown, Branch, Tab, Chevron and Cross) which allow you to customize your phone while ensuring a tight fit for the side/bumper strip. When completing the wrapping of your phone be sure to join the matching ends of the side strip under your volume buttons. Press firmly and your phone will stay encased as long as you'd like it to.

If I wanted to, how hard would it be to remove the case?

We have tested many cases and found that most are easy to remove with a little elbow grease. The front and side panels usually come off easily but occasionally the back can get be a little difficult. In these cases using a credit card to help get under the panel can help get it off your device cleanly.

Will putting this on or taking it off damage my iPhone in any way?

Using our wood iPhone 5 cases leaves virtually no residue or visible markings if you decide to remove it from your phone.

I like your covers and want to customize one, how do I do that?

If you want to customize a case feel free to upload your graphics with purchase or email us at for the template. Once your template has been customized you would then upload on our site during the checkout process.

What's included with purchase?

Each kit contains the following:

  • (1) Front Panel with Matching Laser-Etched Home Button
  • (1) Back Panel with Laser-Etched eQ Logo
  • (1) Side/Bumper Strip with Matching Laser-Etched Buttons and Your Choice of Clasp
  • (3) Sets of Laser-Etched Buttons with 2 Designs

How Long Does it Take to Put on or Take Off?

It takes about 5 minutes to put on the wrap or to remove it from your device.

Are these available in bulk?

Absolutely, we offer discounts for volume and can customize for your business or event. Contact us at 310.305.1734 or for pricing or to place an order.


Laser-Cut Business Cards FAQ

What types of business cards do you sell?

We offer our laser-cut business cards in three main categories, wood, metal and paper. Our wood business cards are available in birch, bamboo, teak, basswood, alder as well as custom requests. Most of the metal business cards we sell are anodized aluminum in various colors. We also offer bare aluminum and stainless steel business cards but these are usually specialty orders. Our paper business card category consists of 100% rag museum board or mat board (depending color), 14pt card stock and poster board. We can create beautiful effects in all mediums, the main differentiating factors between the three categories is how the material fits your brand / audience and price.

Are your wood business cards real wood? What are they made out of?

Yes, all of our business cards are 100% real wood. Most of our cards are made from pairing a thin adhesive-backed piece of wood with a clean one to create a beautiful presentation once laser-etched and cut.

What are your metal business cards made out of? Can you do custom shapes?

For the most part we use 2" x 3.5" colored, anodized aluminum business cards with .02" rounded corners. We can cut simple custom shapes out of anodized aluminum sheets but the edges will not match the finish. If the edges must match or for complex shapes we can run custom jobs or purchase blanks. Please feel free to contact us at to discuss custom projects.

What are your paper business cards made out of? What is museum board?

Museum board and mat board are materials used for framing photos and artwork. These are thick, high quality materials that allow you to create beautiful designs when you laser-cut your graphics. These cards about 1mm thick and hold up great in pockets and wallets. We also offer 14pt card stock and poster board business cards that are less expensive and can make just as much of an impact on a prospective client. These two types are thinner than the museum board cards at .3-.5mm.

Will you sample my card before you produce them?

Definitely. We want you to enjoy your business card as much as possible so we will produce a sample and send a photo for approval to the email address used during checkout.

How long will it take to make my new business cards?

Depending on your material and quantity we may need to order supplies. We make most orders in 2-5 business days if materials are in stock but can take as much as 7-10 if materials are slow to arrive. We do offer expedited processing for $75, please contact us at 310.305.1734 if interested.

Are these available in bulk?

Absolutely, we offer discounts for volume and can customize for your business or event. Contact us at 310.305.1734 or for pricing or to place an order.


Portfolios & Presentation Books FAQ

What sizes do you offer portfolios & presentation books in?

We offer custom wood and acrylic books up to 12" x 24" in size. This includes 8.5" x 11", 11" x 11", 8.5" x 14", 11" x 14", 11" x 17", A3 and more.

What are your portfolios and presentation books made out of?

Our books are made from the highest quality 1/32" or 1/16" birch, bamboo, walnut, teak and mahogany veneer or plywood, depending on your material. The inner lining, which acts as a front and back hinge, can be made from either neutral-colored calfskin leather or upholstery fabric to ensure a book that lasts.

Is custom laser-etching included in the price of the book?

Customization of the front cover is included in the purchase price. We provide templates that you add your artwork to which helps us get it into our systems. Simply add your artwork and upload it with your purchase when you add it to your cart. We will confirm placement by digital proof.

How are your books bound?

We use various length aluminum screw posts to bind our books. Our portfolios and presentation books can be assembled and disassembled easily to add or remove pages.

What are the differences between Tru-View, Direct-Fit and Lie-Flat Books?

Various customers have different needs and preferences for how they want their pages to fit in their portfolio. As a result we offer the following fitment types:

  • Page Insert: Page Insert books use standard Itoya, Prat or Pina Zangaro page inserts to allow for easy additions or changes. For example, an 11" x 17" book would be closer to 12" x 18" to accommodate the plastic inserts.
  • Direct-Fit: Direct-Fit books use standard size pages (8.5" x 11", 11" x 14" & 11" x 17") as the full extent of the page, including space for binding. For example an 11" X 17" book would be closer to 11.25" x 17.25"
  • True View: True View books allow you to display a full standard size page. For example an 11" x 17" True View book would be closer to 11.5" x 18" and provides an 11" x 17" page view using adhesive binding strips or custom pages.

Are your portfolios and presentation books rigid?

Our books are slightly flexible in 1/32", the 1/16" is meant to be more structural. Some materials are available in 1/8". We have had clients with varying opinions on both so we offer them in multiple thicknesses.

Do You Offer Clear Insert Pages?

Yes we do. We can include Itoya or Prat refills for an additional fee. If you would like to use another brand or would like to source locally we encourage you to support your local art supply store.

Are these available in bulk?

Absolutely, we offer discounts for volume and can customize for your business or event. Contact us at 310.305.1734 or for pricing or to place an order.