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Laser-Cutting & Laser-Etching, Techniques & Effects

There are a number of techniques and effects that can be achieved using our laser. Depending on your design and artwork, we may use a number of them to create a uniquely-styled business card, portfolio / presentation book or wedding invitation for you or your business.

Laser-Etching Paper or Wood

Laser-Etching or Laser-Marking involves the head of the laser running back like a standard document printer to print an image or pattern line by line. This marks or etches only the top of the material to create contrast. If you etch deep enough it will reveal the inner core of a thick paper.

Laser-Etching Metal

Running the same laser-etches on Metal can have very different effects than softer materials like paper and wood. Bare metals in general are not marked much by low-power laser-cutters

Laser-Cutting Wood, Acrylic, Paper or Metal

Low power laser-cutters can cut through "soft" materials like wood, paper or acrylic with enough patience and the right settings. Metals are too dense to be cut by this level of laser-cutter. Laser-cutters use vector graphics for cutting through materials.


Engraving wood, paper or acrylic is possible with a light touch that does not cut all the way through the material like vector laser-cutting. Complex patterns can be engraved into the surface of materials to create beautiful effects.

Vector Artwork

We prefer vector artwork when available as it can scale to any size and retain resolution. These types of graphics allow for the sharpest etches and cuts and ultimately the best translation of your artwork to our machines.

Raster Artwork

Raster images are those that have a fixed size and resolution. Image quality will degrade as it is blown up to a larger size. Use 300+ dpi artwork for the best results.