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Real Wood iPhone Wraps, Skins and Laser-cut Device Cases

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Studio eQ offers device cases for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 4/4S that protect your device with modern and stylish wood veneers. Our iPhone wraps use 3M peel & stick adhesive to encase your phone in organic style.

Wood iPhone 6 Wraps

eQ has created a beautiful wood wrap that fits the iPhone 6. Our wraps are available in either the classic style, which maintains the square, boxy feel from iPhones past or in our sleek style, which is made from one piece of wood and follows the contour of your phone.

Wood iPhone 5 Cases

eQ has created a beautiful wood wrap that fits the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Available in teak, walnut, birch, bamboo, red oak, zebrawood and mahogany. The case is provided in a DIY kit that uses laser-cut panels and strips to perfectly cover your phone. The buttons are laser-etched with icons showing their function and then laser-cut from the same piece of wood as the case. Custom laser-etching is available.

Wood iPhone 4 Cases

Just like the wood iPhone 5 wrap, but for the IPhone 4/4S. Nearly identical, there is an additional cut-out above the earpiece for the light sensor. A great way to 'spruce up' your trusted device, you can mix and match buttons and panels for unique combinations

iPad & Tablet Cases

Laser-cut from arctic fleece, suede, and microfiber, our iPad and tablet cases are a great way to protect your device during travel. Currently available for popular devices, we offer 7" and 10" sizes and can create tailored ones as well. Custom artwork is also avaiable.

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